Roof Maintenance is often the most neglected area of maintaining the lifespan and integrity of your roof. Regular roof repairs through a scheduled roof maintenance program can and will save you thousands of dollars over the life of your roof while catching and preventing costly repairs and issues that might arise from sheer neglect. Don't take chances with your home and the valuables inside. Regular roof maintenance will pay for itself and then some.

Complete roof replacement can be costly, so why wouldn’t you protect a large investment? Regular roof maintenance can easily add years to the life of your roof and ensure the best performance from your roofing system. North East Roofing offers an extensive roof maintenance and roof repair plan to fit any budget. Our highly experienced technicians are back by years of finely tuned roofing industry experience.

Our Roof Repair & Roof Maintenance Programs consists of the following

  • A comprehensive visual inspection of the interior of the property to note any signs of water infiltration.
  • Inspection of drains, gutters and downspouts, while securing any loose fasteners and removing debris.
  • Inspection of all flashings and penetrations on your roof. Repair and/or seal according to manufacturer's specifications.
  • Inspection of all visible field seams and expansion joints. Repair and/or seal according to manufacturer's specifications.
  • Inspection of all sheet metal associated with the roof. Seal any bad joints and secure all loose fasteners.
  • Inspection of all masonry, windows, HVAC, sealants, etc. that are associated with the original roof system. Re-seal any bad joints and report any deficiencies found, along with suggestions for repair.
  • Removal of all minor debris
  • A detailed report, including pictures noting all repairs that were made, potential future problems and estimated life of the existing roof. Suggestions will be made for any repairs that are necessary, along with a written proposal of what may not be covered in the maintenance program.
  • Priority for any roof leaks or emergency situations.

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