Expert Chimney Restoration, Repair & Cleaning

Prompt chimney repair may be needed in the event that your chimney has begun leaking or cracks have started forming. North East Roofing can help you with that along with full chimney restoration. Our services extend to both flue and crown repair, and we can even help you with waterproofing the device, which is helpful when heavy rains occur.

Rebuilding may be necessary if a new device needs to be created from scratch; however, we can also restore the structure to appear good as new through a stucco installation. It does not matter if your chimney is prefabricated or masonry, our experts can handle anything.

If you allow your chimney to accumulate dirt and other debris, you could be facing some serious problems such as breathing issues and structure fires. Carbon monoxide poisoning can also eventually occur. Instead, get someone over to provide a comprehensive cleaning. A thorough chimney sweep from experienced professionals will ensure the well-being of your family and your house. Hiring someone who is inexperienced in this field can lead to more harm than good, so it pays off greatly to get a team who knows what they are doing. Any time a fire is lit in your fireplace, it makes the inside of the chimney dirty. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure that the elements generated from fires do not build up. Call us today and we will come out to inspect your chimney for free.